If Only Getting Help Really Worked Like That

Please read Mandy Froelich’s latest post, “The Depressed Educator: If Only ‘Getting Help’ Really Worked Like That.”  Mandy shares the very real challenges that we face when we finally get the courage to seek out support.  I have encountered the same obstacles she did, and I have heard stories from many others who have had similar experiences.

For people with depression or other mental health problems, it can seem overwhelming to get out of bed and brush your teeth in the morning.  Finding strength and motivation to admit you need help, find the right care from the right provider at the right time, and to try different interventions with numerous side effects can prove to be paralyzing.

As I’ve said many times, systemic changes are needed.  We need to educate people and remove the stigma of mental illness, but this is useless if help is not readily available.  A Suicide Hotline is not enough.  We need more medical providers who are trained to deal with these issues made available to all who need care in our country – not just those who can afford it.


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